Your company's records are amongst your most valuable assets so you need to be confident about dependable security and reliable access. Many companies invest huge resources, yet retrieval is slow and files are often misplaced. Tejoury provides a more efficient solution through its document storage service.


Store your documents safely at Tejoury data facilities and you will gain better control, improve security and reduce costs. Tejoury's On-line Access System allows you to make searches and order retrieval 24/7. Barcode technology ensures 100% accuracy and our dedicated team of couriers deliver on time, every time. For urgent requests, we will retrieve, scan and email a pdf of your document instantly. Every transaction is entered on to a database for complete accountability.


    The cost of in-house archives includes renting more and more space, extra staff, training, infrastructure, protection, procedure development and equipment. A contract with Tejoury enables you to reduce overheads and capital expenditure. You replace them with a predictable, cost-effective budget. Because Tejoury looks after millions of documents, clients benefit from our economies of scale.


    Tejoury's advanced technology means you can find and request any file within seconds. Accurate retrieval and measures to prevent human error give you greater control. This means your staff have more time to focus on key tasks and improve productivity.


    We provide you with regular inventory, activity and status reports so you are fully informed.


    When you outsource your whole archive or data processing department to tejoury, you get immediate organization benefits from better headcount ratios. You can even transfer your existing filing cabinets to tejoury facilities to improve your balance sheet ratios. We provide a viewing room for when you want to visit and copy files.


    Excess humidity, the risk of fire and floods, and old-fashioned systems make many in-house facilities unacceptable for a modern business. Tejoury's data facilities provide ideal storage conditions.


    Tejoury data facilities are protected 24/7. Measures include cctv, uniformed guards, advanced alarm systems and our strict code of security. Files are labelled only with anonymous barcodes. Only your key staff have access to a security pin code for orders. With tejoury, your documents are stored away from the threat of disgruntled or dishonest staff.


    By moving documents to tejoury facilities, you will gain significant extra space. Benefits include rent reduction and a safer and more pleasant environment for your staff to work. You no longer need to worry about additional space for your growing archive.


    Tejoury helps you meet your legal requirements regarding retention. Our licensed staff understand your industry and speak your language


    When you move your documents to Tejoury facilities for the first time, we make sure everything goes like clockwork. We start by providing a team of specialists to catalogue and index your documents. Each file is labelled with a barcode and packed neatly in to Tejoury storage boxes. Details are entered on to a database. We also take care of transportation; our trained staff and large fleet of lorries ensure even the biggest of archives are moved quickly.

Tejoury is one of the pioneers in the field of client side management. The records management industry as a whole is geared towards efficiency, security, and taking advantage of economies of scale. However in some very unique circumstances clients require in-house management of their archives. This results in all of the benefits of having a professional records management company manage your records while maintaining your records on premises.
This solution is one of Tejoury's core strengths and is ideal for companies and organizations that are restricted from physically storing their documents offsite and are willing to bare the additional costs of this solution, which are typically higher than offsite storage.


Tejoury has developed the know-how and experience of local market requirements and market leading international standards, which we apply to assist clients in determining the most appropriate solutions for their unique records management situation.
Tejoury has conducted studies and implemented solutions for clients in many sectors and is able to rely on its international affiliates to assist in bringing the most experienced and appropriate industry specific specialist in order to achieve the required results.