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Digitally capture your documents and data to complement your business processes.

We understand that your organisation has many different document scanning requirements, we have experience across different industries including the banking industry.

Talk to us today for help finding the right solution for your business.

We have a variety of scanning and capture solutions:

  • • Scan to Process
  • • Bulk Scanning
  • • Digital Mailroom
  • • Book Scanning
  • • Document Hosting


Tejoury will conduct a session with your company’s key stakeholders to understand your business processes.

We will prepare a digital scanning/capture solution to meet with these procedures and requirements.

Our process is agreed and an SLA is signed.

Documents and data are routed to your ECM and digitized according to the agreed solution.

Data is securely transferred to your organization in digital format.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Automate your business processes to drive efficiency and increase productivity in your organization.

  • Increase Accessibility

    Allow for your information to be instantly emailed or viewed concurrently by a number of people.

  • Reduce Costs

    Eliminate storage and access fees, reduce IT and paper costs, make your information easier and less costly to retrieve and use and save on the cost of expensive office space.

  • Share Information

    Good organisation and management of records allows for easy access to information and improves your capacity to collaborate and share information.

  • Protected

    Your information is protected from fire, flood and other natural disasters.

  • Environment

    Less paper is better for the environment.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Reduce the chances of losing your company’s most vital asset, its information.

  • Mobility

    Digitally captured data can be integrated with your secure mobile systems allowing associates to access information remotely.

  • Costs

    Based on the initial discovery meeting with your company, we will prepare a quote according to your requirements. This can be provided by page volumes, per man hour or on a system installation/per project basis.

    To discuss your document and data scanning needs, get in touch with our team today. We will help you find the right solution for your business.

Companies must constantly evaluate their performance in order to compete in today's markets. Smooth document workflow and a strong ecm is integral to good productivity but it's a complex business that requires specialist expertise and technology. Tejoury provides the solution through its ecm and bpm service.


Tejoury experts assess every stage of your company's document and data workflow. We study the existing systems find ways to streamline it or provide you with a justified recommendation to upgrade them, aiming to accelerate your processing and eliminate errors. We provide a tailor-made, tested system designed to save you money. We back this up with the support that only an industry leader can provide.

  • Faster Processing

    Advanced technology means Tejoury can help you speed up processing and productivity

  • Greater Control

    Locate any document within seconds. Faster retrieval and measures to prevent loss give you greater control.

  • An Easier Way of Working

    Tejoury will give you a system that is easier for your staff to use.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduce costs through improved efficiency and fewer in-house overheads.

  • Your clients benefit too

    Your clients will benefit from your improved efficiency, this gives you a competitive edge.

  • We Understand Your Industry

    Tejoury have clients in every sector, we understand the way you work and what you want to achieve. We share our experience to help you achieve those goals.

  • Legal Compliance

    Tejoury enable you to meet the legal requirements for document retention and other compliance issues

Every company is at risk from fire, flood, sabotage, terrorism and system failure. That's why a disaster recovery plan is essential. Tejoury gives you the perfect risk management solution with vault storage for your back-up discs, cds, dvds and tapes.


Uniformed Tejoury couriers collect your back-ups directly from your office. They transport them in shock-proof cases to a Tejoury data facility where they are stored in high-security vaults. If you experience a problem, tejoury will return them so you can restore data quickly, minimizing any negative impact. (data can also be backed-up on-line through tejoury's data vaulting)

  • Vital to your disaster recovery plan

    Back-up storage is a vital element in your disaster recovery plan. Tejoury experts can help you formulate a plan. They can also assess your existing arrangements and alert you to any potential weaknesses. Learn more about Tejoury backup disc & tape storage

  • Easy way to work

    Tejoury will collect discs as often as you require. We give you an easy to use risk management solution. We also provide a data vaulting service. Learn more about Tejoury back-up disc & tape storage

  • Protection against fire & flood

    If you hold sensitive documents for clients and employees, they will want to know that you have proper destruction arrangements. It's important for your credibility and has legal implications too.

  • Saves space and money

    It costs much less to use Tejoury than to install and maintain your own vault. Learn more about Tejoury back-up disc & tape storage

  • Excellent security

    Tejoury data facilities are protected 24/7. Measures include CCTV, uniformed guards, advanced alarm systems and our strict code of security. Tejoury vaults provide the highest level of protection possible. Learn more about Tejoury backup disc & tape storage

  • Off-site safer than in-house

    Keeping your tapes off-site substantially reduces the risk of losing data from accidental deletion, viruses or disaster. Data is also protected from the threat of disgruntled staff. Learn more about Tejoury back-up disc & tape storage

  • Protection against temperature and humidity

    Tejoury vaults have sensors to protect against excess temperature and humidity. Learn more about Tejoury backup disc & tape storage

  • Protection against magnetic fields

    Tejoury vaults protect your discs and tapes from harmful magnetic fields. Learn more about Tejoury backup disc & tape storage